Our meeting last night wasn’t just our regular monthly gathering, it was also a time to reflect on the recent and sad resignation of Sandra and Don Crabtree from FoSP and as Sandall Park charity trustees.
The news was certainly a shock to everyone, but they had decided it was the right time to hang up their hi vis vests and follow other pursuits.
Carin, FoSP wrote (excerpts)
“In an instant the heart stopped, the driving force that has been the soul of the park plummeted into silence, that’s what it felt like when the news hit.”
Carin went on to say, “but then the realisation came that the legacy of what has been left still needs nurturing and growing, or the hours spent over the last 20 years would disappear and this cannot happen. We need to showcase the brilliant work from a fantastic duo that have worked tirelessly to restore and build the park into what it is today, a place you can visit and enjoy. The work will continue, the future will bring change and the legacy of what you have achieved will never be allowed to be forgotten.”
This powerful message really summed up everything that we were all feeling. Because of this legacy, we have FoSP, we have a team, we have new ideas, we have new members, we have solid foundations to take us into the future.
For nearly 20 years Sandra and Don have been ambassadors, volunteers and custodians of Sandall Park with Friends of Sandall Park, FoSP. The amount of time and effort that they have put in over the years is immeasurable and a truly outstanding achievement. Although it’s never been for any reward or awards, the group were honoured with the Queens award for volunteering in 2011, the MBE for groups, plus there have been numerous other awards over the years.
The park under their leadership and with a fantastic group of people behind them, would be transformed. This run down park went from a vandalised and unloved place with burnt out cars, into a fabulous area for people to enjoy.
Yes things have changed over the years, people miss the boats, the trains, but due to cuts and costs things had to change. The park continually evoles, with 3 play areas, the green gym, the beautiful quiet garden, the new lake edging, the forthcoming changing place installation and fingers crossed the new cafe development, plus other things in the pipeline. Things are very positive at Sandall Park.
Sandra and Don, we would all like to wish you a very very happy retirement. Enjoy your well deserved time off and your other pursuits, always friends, FoSP 💚
P.S. we can’t wait for the memoirs

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