About us

Welcome to the Friends of Sandall Park
(Registered Charity No. 1120679)
Park Postcode: DN2 5DY

Patron: Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson MBE



Friends of Sandall Park are a group of like minded people dedicated to the improvement of the park for the benefit of its human visitors, birds and resident wildlife.

Our group is primarily made up of volunteers who work alongside professionals from various agencies committed to regenerating the park. We are enthusiastic, forward thinking and will continue to develop the park in a way that reflects what our visitors want.

Just look around the park and you will see a variety of changes brought about by our group. Walk and jog on the fitness trails, stroll around the nature trails or relax and have a picnic in the picnic area while studying the wildlife information boards. You may just wish to walk around the lake and rest on any of the numerous new benches.

Sandall Park is an important and unique resource for the people of Doncaster as a whole, and the local community in particular. Enjoy the facilities and please consider becoming a ‘Friend’.

Sandra Crabtree
(Chair) Friends of Sandall Park

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