Park Life

Suspicious Activity in The Park – Contact the Authorities….

Anyone wishing to report anti social behaviour and can’t get through to 101 can phone Neighbourhood Response Team on 341628 after 7pm and 385153 during the day or report it on linevia…/antisocial-behaviour-in-progr… and follow the links to make the report.

If it’s already happened:…/antisocial-behaviour-already-… The same goes for littering and other offences. If there has been a crime please report it to the police

on If you are witnessing a crime taking place then dial 999 – the on-line reporting system tells you to do that. All instances need recording please.


Ducks Killed?

We keep getting messages from people saying men are in the park at night killing ducks and geese.

This is something that needs reporting by the people that see it – at the time. Only the witnesses know what these people look like, what they are wearing, times/dates, where they were, what they did etc.

We are not the police or the council, there is no point in us just passing messages on. Please, if you see anything untoward – report it. It can be done on-line so you don’t have to keep hanging on the phone. If it doesn’t get reported, they don’t know it’s happening. The more records there are, the more likely something will be done about it. For contact details CLICK HERE.

AGM & January 100 Club

It was the AGM of FoSP tonight and all the officers currently in post were re-elected for another year.

The Chairman was thanked for her comprehensive Annual Report, and a vote of thanks was given to our Treasurer for the excellent work she has done throughout the year.
At the normal meeting the 100 Club was drawn and the winning numbers were
7 – W Barclay;
66 – C Darrand;
15 -M Barclay.

As always, thank you all for your continued support, it helps to keep the group running.

FoSP Christmas message

There is always something happening in Sandall Park and this year has been another particularly busy one. 

The warm dry summer brought its problems with the lake and the angling club worked extremely hard to rectify the situation. Between them, the council and the Environment Agencies the health of the water was brought back under control. Our public played their part and the additional cost of an aerator to help the water condition was mostly funded by a Crowdfunding Appeal – so thank you to you all!

There have been litter picks, lots of maintenance and planting, garden tending and toilet cleaning by volunteers; the introduction of Junior Rangers. Many things going on in the background, all happening to make the park nice. Of course, the park users are doing their bit too – litter picking, challenging people who don’t pick up after their dogs and generally taking an interest in ensuring the park’s success.

There have been even more new installations: a wheelchair roundabout for Inclusive Play – again funded by a Crowdfunding Appeal – thank you everyone! The biggest project was the phase two of the large Wooden Adventure Play area on the old golf course. Then there was the development of the Quiet Garden (where the train used to run); Poppy Displays and much, much more.

Through the hard work of the council, the FoSP and you, the public, the Park has been awarded the Prestigious Green Flag Award for the second year running, and another Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor.

So, while you’re enjoying your Christmas break (if you get one of course) spend some time in the park and get some fresh air and exercise. You’ve earnt it!

On that note I wish you all a Peaceful and Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2019.

Sandra Crabtree
Chairman Friends of Sandall Park