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Duck Health Problem – Latest.

We  have managed to get an update on the duck situation. It is duck/goose related ONLY.

It is not known exactly what it is yet, possibly aviation botchulism but cannot be confirmed until further tests have been conducted at Thirsk. Humans are not in any danger – usual hygiene is all that is required. If you have been near the lake, touched any ducks or whatever WASH YOUR HANDS. Don’t let children touch anything (they tend to put hands in mouth) and if they do – wash their hands. Dogs are not in any danger but should be kept on a lead. 
It is safe to visit the park, but we re-iterate – personal hygiene should be observed. It would be advisable not to feed the ducks and geese at this time. As soon as the illness is confirmed we will let you know.

Sandra, Chairman FoSP.

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Another radio Interview about Volunteering

One of volunteers was invited  onto BBC Radio Sheffield’s Toby Foster show to talk about volunteering. You can hear the interview by CLICKING HERE.

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Safety First.

Just a safety warning – we have had a large number of ducks die on the lake.

It is believed to be something that is only affecting the birds (not the fish) that is killing them. Just as a precaution – please don’t feed the ducks/geese or go near them.

The Environment Agency have been out and told the anglers not to do any fishing: the lake has been closed to anglers. The Environmental Health people are coming out this morning. It might be advisable to keep dogs on a lead in case they go in the lake to cool off, or find a dead duck. The Angling Club are to be congratulated on noticing the problem and taking immediate action. Well done to them. We’ll keep you posted.

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June 100 Club Winners are………

The winners of June’s 100 Club draw at tonights FoSP meeting are:
E. Hughes
M. Barclay

Thanks for your support and spend your winnings wisely.

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You did it Again!

We have received another certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor. Well done everyone!

This not only means our volunteers and DMBC teams, but everyone who visits the park and contributes. Everyone plays their part.

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Department of Work and Pensions make a Difference.

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