Business Support

The friends of Sandall Park are incredibly loyal to the local businesses that support them.

Over the years such support has included both financial support and ‘in kind’ support – and each is as important as the other.

For example our biggest sponsor is Ready Steady Store (on Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster). They  store our equipment free of charge and support us with staff at various events in the park. This has included the annual Santa Dash (now taken over by Curly’s Athletes),  our UCI World Cycling Championship Supporters Hub as well as the Ready Steady Store sponsored Easter Egg Hunt.

CLICK HERE to visit Ready Steady Store


Rascals Castles have been a supporter of the group for many years. Not only do they provide a fabulous service for children visiting the park, they support the work of the group with regular financial donations. They also help with transport of large items and physical handiwork in the park! True friends to the group.
Click here for their page.


Jez and his team at Fake Festivals (click here for their website) have been coming to the park since 2007 and have supported us during those years. They make a substantial donation which helps us develop the park to make it nicer year on year.


Roger Tuby and Son funfairs have been coming to Sandall Park since anyone can remember! They have been great supporters of the park and the group and continue to be so.

Not only do we get some marvellous cuddly toys for our raffles but they support us financially and help with other events that we organise. Click here for their website.


Eagl-s Print Solutions have done some marvellous work for us, have given us good prices and have donated  work for our projects. They have done the signs for our Doggy Drinking Station and for our Carin Hands, including the wonderful Rainbow around the base. Click here for their website.


RISE Adaptations
Have joined forces with us to progress the campaign to install a Changing Place in the park.

RISE Adaptations is a specialist contractor on a mission to make the UK accessible for all.
Established in 2020, the Doncaster-based company install Changing Places facilities nationwide, donating at least five percent of their time and annual profits to the Changing Places campaign. 

For any questions about Changing Places or the campaign to raise funds for Sandall Park please contact
Click here for their page.

How you can help
In terms of finance the FoSP need £600 a year to exist – that covers things like insurance, website, printing and other overheads. The group have to fundraise to finance these costs.

Sponsoring FoSP need not simply be about cash. ‘In kind’ assistance is just as important and can easily be more profitable. Could you supply gardening tools or junior size litter pickers for the Junior Rangers? Could you supply the paint for maintenance?  Would you be interested in sponsoring leaflets?
If you can be of any help at all please contact us via our contacts page.

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