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BIG Tree Down – HUGE!

A big tree today came down in the park. It is not a danger to anyone but it will disrupt angling activities in the park.

Looks like it’s going to be a big job to sort.

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BBC Radio Sheffield Article

Our thanks to BBC Radio Sheffield for the coverage of our ‘on’t be a loafer’ campaign.

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New Lake Record Catch……

At yesterdays charity angling match a new lake record was caught.

Well done to the Sandall Park Angling club Chairman Scott Holland for landing this beauty weighing in at 23lb 4oz


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The Fountain is Kaput!

The lake fountain hasn’t been working for some time and it with great sadness we report that it is no more, it is an ex fountain, it is kaput!

We are currently, together with the angling club and the council looking at possible ways we can raise funds to buy a new one.


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Big Charity Fishing Match Coming Up…….

This weekend will see the biggest fishing match so far in the park….. and it’s for charity.

It should be worth a trip down to the lake to see what’s happening. The guys down there will be willing to have a chat and explain things.


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Monster Fish Caught

A Sandall Park Angling Club member has managed to hook a mystery catch.

It is the first time this one has been caught and will give a nasty bite if handled wrongly.

SPAC Chairman Scott Holland said – “We’ve seen nothing like this before. It is possible that our new stock has had a reaction to the GM white bread and chapati that people feed ducks.”

A Friends of Sandall Park spokesman said: “For health and safety reasons it would be best to keep small children away from the lake”.

Neil + fish jpg

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