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Cafe may open soon – Fingers Crossed.

Joy & Drew have been working hard behind the scenes in the cafe, coming to terms with the new way of working Post Lockdown.

They have spent £thousands getting the cafe ready to accept customers but things will change dramatically. There will be social distancing of course; one way queuing system; perspex barriers between tables; hand sanitisers and generally all the things you’ve been seeing in supermarkets and shops.
They have missed all their customers and friends and are looking forward to opening as soon as the Government gives the go ahead. The word at the moment is 4th July but that could change, as things do on a daily basis.
This is a great positive for the park and a facility we’ve all missed. Please let’s keep it positive – no negative comments or moans like “They’ll put the prices up to pay for it”, or complaints about what will be on the menu. We all need positivity at this time, let’s give them the boost they need.
They are also still working on the plans for the new cafe, though that will be delayed by the current situation.
We hope you will support them by giving them the business they really do need at this time.

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Park Cafe closed Until further notice

Due to Government guidelines re the Coronavirus,  the park cafe will be closed until further notice.

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Changing Places: Things are Moving Forward


Now that the cafe development has been given approval by DMBC’s Planning Committee, we can move forward for our plans for a Changing Place ( in the park.

We have created a dedicated page on the website so you can keep abreast of progress with the campaign. CLICK HERE for that page.

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Video of Cafe Planning Committee Meeting

February 4th saw the cafe development pass through the planning stage. Here is a video of the full planning committee meeting and our chairman puts in a stella performance to seal the deal.


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Cafe Painting Competition

Painting competition: The original plan was for competitors to bring their artwork to be judged on the night of 15th April, but we’ve had a request to be able to drop them off.

Are there any local outlets that would be prepared to act as a drop off point please? We’d collect them on a regular basis.
This could only apply to drawings and paintings that could be left in an envelope and we couldn’t return any unless they came with an appropriately self addressed envelope with the appropriate stamps on.

Any artwork left is at their own risk of course, and should contain name, address, contact phone number or email; age of artist.
We look forward to seeing the entries!

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New Cafe and Toilets get Go Ahead

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