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Nice Morning for Parkrun……

The sun is shining, no wind, conditions firm to fair – a great morning to do the parkrun – go on….. 9am start – just follow the crowd.  just do it!

TrainingOr there is fitness training, or cycle training or football…………






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#100th Parkrun

Last Saturday saw the 100th parkrun in the park.

april14153 completed the run – a great testament to the volunteers that have made the parkrun happen for one hundred consecutive weeks!

Well done to the runners and well done to all the volunteers that continue to make the parkrun happen week after after week after……




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100th Parkrun Coming Up……

Next Saturday will see the one hundredth parkrun in Sandall Park – what a great day to break the ‘numbers’ record!

ParkrunCan you imagine – that’s 100 weeks when volunteers have made this event happen?

Just run it – failing that just turn up and support what is the parks most supported event.





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Parkrun – Head-Cam video

If you have ever wondered what it is like to complete a parkrun in Sandall Park then you can get a ‘feel’ for it by watching this great head-cam video taken oner of the runners on the 8th August.

One of our best events in the park just gets better and better.

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Programme for Lion’s Day

Below is the programme for this Saturdays Lion’s Fun and Sports day for the disabled.

Lions day programmeAlways a favourite event in the park and this year will be no different. Be there or be square.








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Not a Lot of People Know That……..

1,878 different people have now done the Doncaster parkrun, in Sandall Park, running 8,935 runs and covering a distance of 44,675km, that’s 27,759 miles.

ParkrunThat’s more than travelling once around the world which is a mere 40,075km or 24,902 miles!





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