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May 100 Club Winners are…….

The winners of May’s 100 Club draw at tonights FoSP meeting are:
G. Rawson
B. Crabtree

Thanks for your support and spend your winnings wisely.


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You Really, Really Did it!

Congratulations to everyone would made pledges – all 105 of you – for the crowd funding appeal for  a wheelchair roundabout.

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That went Well……..

Yet another Hook a Duck Championship an Easter Egg Hunt and almost £1000 raised for the park. well done everyone and thankyou for your support.

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Wheelchair Roundabout – Crowd funding

W need to give this a good go! We are crowd funding for a wheelchair roundabout in the park. The amount raised has now reached £500. CLICK HERE  to make a pledge.

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Woodland Adventure Park Phase 2 Concept

We can now reval the conceptual plans for the Phase ll  Woodland Adventure park. Just got to find the money now.

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More Events than Ever for 2018

2018 will see a big increase in events in the park (with many new events altogether). Our aim has always been to make the park that nice, that people want to come and organise events in the park The FoSP are only a small group and cannot possible organise all the events that people want.

Please support all the ark events to ensure they come back again next year.

For a full list of this years events CLICK HERE.

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