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Quads damage park AGAIN!

Problems with quad and of road bikes seem to go in phases and here we are again…….


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Bog Garden Flattened!

Sadly we can’t claim to have unexplained crop circles in the park this morning 👽

We can however claim to have a damaged fence and everything trodden flat, in the enclosed bog garden. Now how did that happen!?

Answers on a post card to:…………….

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Queen’s Memorial Vandalised!

After months of hard work by our volunteers to create a memorial for the late Queen. It has now been trashed by vandals.

Any information would be appreciated or if you prefer not to give your personal details, you can stay anonymous and pass on what you know by contacting the independent charity Crimestoppers. Call their UK Contact Centre on freephone 0800 555 111 or complete a simple and secure anonymous online form by CLICKING HERE

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Plants Stolen

In the last month or so, the topiary garden has been cleared of all the plants: 2 Mahonias; 2 pampas grasses, mullein, herbs, numerous black grasses, calendula, crocosmia, and elephants ears.

Cleared as in stolen. We haven’t really been paying much attention to the gardening – and of course leaf coverage conspired to conceal the thefts.

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Fire Damage. Grrrrrrr!

This morning our team are all totally upset at what local youngsters can lower themselves to do. (And yes, they WERE youngsters/teens). 
We had a report last night of a fire in the park. The fire brigade attended and extinguished it. This morning requires a full recce of the park to determine the amount of damage caused by a feral few. Did your youngster come in last night smelling of smoke/accelerant? Would you say so if they did? Because someone’s child was out last night causing £hundreds of pounds worth of damage in the park. Not to mention the damage caused in the Quiet Garden last weekend.
I for one am appalled at this wanton criminal damage. It is just so senseless. They complain there’s nothing for them to do, so they destroy things so others will have nothing to do. The mind boggles.
The play area will have to be repaired by the council – more cost to them.
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Vandals are back!

Someone had nothing better to do than smash our bird feeders and snap off a flowering cherry tree in the #QuietGarden.
The mind boggles as to what pleasure causing criminal damage provides.
Of course it upsets our volunteers, but as always, we’ll make good the damage – which always costs us – and make sure it’s nice again for everyone else to enjoy.
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