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Suspicious Activity in The Park – Contact the Authorities….

Anyone wishing to report anti social behaviour and can’t get through to 101 can phone Neighbourhood Response Team on 341628 after 7pm and 385153 during the day or report it on linevia…/antisocial-behaviour-in-progr… and follow the links to make the report.

If it’s already happened:…/antisocial-behaviour-already-… The same goes for littering and other offences. If there has been a crime please report it to the police

on If you are witnessing a crime taking place then dial 999 – the on-line reporting system tells you to do that. All instances need recording please.

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Ducks Killed?

We keep getting messages from people saying men are in the park at night killing ducks and geese.

This is something that needs reporting by the people that see it – at the time. Only the witnesses know what these people look like, what they are wearing, times/dates, where they were, what they did etc.

We are not the police or the council, there is no point in us just passing messages on. Please, if you see anything untoward – report it. It can be done on-line so you don’t have to keep hanging on the phone. If it doesn’t get reported, they don’t know it’s happening. The more records there are, the more likely something will be done about it. For contact details CLICK HERE.

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Police Patrols Continue

Police patrols continue in the park to rid it of the minority of anti social element who don’t respect the facilities that are put there for their benefit. Some offenders have already been spoken to and others can expect a knock on their door. Thank you SYP and DMBC

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Damage will not deter us!

Despite the fact that ‘children’ (under the age of 18yrs is a child) tried to set fire to the new £50,000 play equipment, threatened volunteers, and children have set fire to a youngsters play facility in the playground – we, the Friends of Sandall Park, will not pack up and go home. We will not throw the towel in and say “That’s it we’ve had enough”. There are tens of thousands of people that visit the park annually, and those people get a lot of pleasure from what it has now become – a family friendly place for everyone to enjoy. For quite some years we’ve been able to say “There is no crime in Sandall Park”. That is obviously not the case at the moment. But it won’t be long before we will once again be able to say “There is no crime in Sandall Park” because we will get these numpties, these pondlife (no offence to pondlife). It might take some time, and we will need your help, but we will track them down and put a stop to it. That’s my promise to you – our park visitors and supporters.

Sandra Crabtree, Chairman FoSP.


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Volunteers Threatened by Yobs

On Wednesday 25th October two of our volunteers were threatened by yobs in the park CLICK HERE to read an article in the Doncaster Free Press that sums up the sequence of events that night.

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It All Kicked off!

Following the report by a well wisher that the youths were back in the park setting fire to th new play equipment, two members of FoSP went down. They spoke to a couple of lads; saw several motorbikes blatting round the golf course and then a gang of around 15 – 20 juveniles entered the park. Their behaviour was totally threatening and they surrounded the two volunteers, who they towered above. Some were on push bikes. They pulled their hoodies and balaclavas over their faces. One youth (none must have been older than 16yrs) said they were going to come back and fire bomb the play equipment. The police were called via 999 (incident 930) and the NRT were called. Once the NRT arrived the gang dispersed. These are someone’s sons and daughters (yes there were 3 girls). This was not a nice experience – but at least they know we’re not going to stand for it.

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