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Quad Bike Problem – Again!

Bit of help needed please. We have another quad bike problem this time on the old Golf Course. Late evening 7.30pm -10pm. No lights, no plates , no numbers. The authorities are aware but as we know it’s a tricky one to sort……. but not impossible – with everyones help.

There is a huge danger to park users even at this time of the evening as there are plenty of evening dog walkers on the park at this time.

It would be a real shame if they crashed into a tree (honest). We’d hate a tree to be damaged!

In the first instance please ring 101 or the out of hours council response team on 01302 341628 (out of hours). You can message us but we are not the fourth emergency service. Any description would be great – they usually head off on Thorne road towards town.

We have good record of eventually catching these people so let’s do it again.

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Toilets Damaged Again

Someone is determined that the park toilets will close – for the third time in a month our storage cubicle in the gents toilets has been broken into. If this was three strikes – the toilets would now be closed.

Extra vigilance please. It is always a morning and it is always a week day and nothing is stolen – just damage that we have to pay for.



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Dodgy Activity – Eyes peeled Please

Our keen FoSP Ranger Les spotted some dodgy looking bread in the park recently.

It had been placed by two youths (other park visitors offered this information) near the picnic area and had green pellets in it. Lots of enquiries have been made, the council and police are aware and are going to step up patrols. We cannot confirm it was poison, though that is what it looked like.

If you see anything at all suspicious please notify the police immediately. As always, our volunteers are on the ball and will deal with anything they see that is remotely dodgy.

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Don’t be a Loafer Campaign Goes On…….

Another campaign day in the park – encouraging people not to give the ducks and geese white bread.

It started with our volunteers doing a live interview with BBC Radio Sheffield at 7am (in the dark!) Great interviews and coverage.

This was then followed a blitz of Tweets on the subject and then later in the day volunteers set up an information stand handing out bird seed and information sheets.

Well done volunteers and thanks to everyone for your support.




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Please Don’t Dump Bread

This is taking the mickey! It’s not feeding ducks – it’s dumping full stop.

Polluting the lake, killing the wildlife, attracting rats and making ‘Pongy Corner’ even worse than it is already. DON’T DO IT!

Bread in lake

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Info Board Damaged…..

We always do an assessment after a busy period in the park and we reckon Sandall Park was the busiest Park in the Borough over the BH weekend (probably).

Sadly some minor damage was caused to picnic benches (we’ll sort it). The worst thing was the information board near the Bog Garden was destroyed/Stolen….. another £40!

This is rare but it is the second time in a year that this particular board has been destroyed…… the memorial tree next to it has also been stolen. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

An interesting discussion on our Facebook page on this one too!


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