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Clean for the Queen

Reminder for the big – nay HUGE…… ‘Clean for the Queen’.

Wendy QueenA big tidy up of the park – Friday 4th March at 10am in the main car park.

Our very own litter Queen Wendy will be there!






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Sandall Park Mystery…..

OK – calling all Super Sleuths…… see if you can come up with a theory on this one.

The facts:

20160129_1747171. Yesterday we recovered more than 100 spirit bottle security tags (the type that needs a machine to be removed) dumped in the park – mostly in plastic Morrisons carrier bags. They looked new – but several were slightly damaged and there was a slight whiff of intoxicants.
2. The location was on the old golf course – near to the layby on Barnby Dun Road – at the end where the houses are.
3. About 11pm last night persons with torches were seen in the same area – as was a transit type vehicle (of course may not be connected).

The found property has been reported to the police – but we would be interested in theories as to where the security tags actually came from.


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Rain Equals More litter

We don’t think it would take a great deal of research to find out why when it rains the parks car parks see an increase in litter.

02-01-16This last week has been a classic example – fast food in the car and rather than get wet doing the right thing they chuck the litter out of the car window. Appalling!

If you don’t want to get wet – take the bloomin’ litter home! Simples.

There has been a very interesting debate on our Facebook page on this one about who is responsible and how can it be prevented.


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Not Smart – Also Pretty Stupid…..

The season of good will appears to have passed us by! The infamous poo tree has flowered again. Unfortunately this species is becoming more familiar – not just in Sandall Park but across the country (our colleagues in other parks report the same species).

20151220_141127Botanical research has shown that it ‘flowers’ when dog owners pick up when they think they are being watched……. and then tie or throw the dog poo bag (and contents) in a tree or bush.

The problem is that it is even more difficult to dispose of than if they had not picked up in the first place.

There is more intelligence in our pond life!


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Another First for Sandall Park

We were asked by Keep Britain Tidy and Superbin to trial a new special litter bin in the park – and today was the big day!

20151127_113850The bin looks and ‘acts’ like other bins but part of it is storage space for litter picking equipment so that our volunteers can carry out litter picks at any time they are in the park. Brilliant idea!

In the coming months our volunteers will be ‘road testing’ the Superbin. Exciting times indeed!




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Angling Clean Up Went Well…..

The Sandall Park Angling Club today completed an unplanned cleanup of the lake.

Angling Cleanup 2015What started as a quick fish rescue escalated into a huge lake clearance.

Brilliant work everyone – especially Mark – who we think never takes his waders off!









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