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Yorkshire Post Film Park……

Yesterday the Yorkshire Post attended the park and made a short film about the litter picking work of the group as part of their Yorkshire wide ‘Clean up Yorkshire’ campaign.

1So the group put on their best BBC voices…. and you can see th result by CLICKING HERE.







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Litter Pick Update

Just four FoSP members turned out for this mornings litter pick – part of the Yorkshire Post campaign to clean up Yorkshire.

CIMG6312The litter was made up of the usual suspects with KFC litter edging out McDonalds at a ratio of about 3:1.

The strangest piece of litter recovered was a pregnancy testing kit!

A big thankyou to our own volunteers who yet again gave up their time to make the park a better place.







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Litter Pick this Morning…….

Following an incredibly busy weekend in the park this morning (Monday 8th) we have a Yorkshire Post inspired litter pick to give the park a spring clean.

2Meet in the main car park at 10am. All welcome. If you’re serious about keeping the park clean and tidy you will be there – we will!









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Yorkshire Post Litter Campaign

Yorkshire post 1The Yorkshire Post are running a campaign to clean up God’s own county…………

We will do our best to be part of the campaign – we supported the Grande Depart and we supported the Tour de Yorkshire (even if it didn’t come through Doncaster – maybe next year?)

Our big day will come on Monday 8th June at 10.00 in the main car park when our illustrious band of volunteers will attack the park (metaphorically speaking of course) to ensure it is spotless following Sundays BIG Lunch.

For more information on the Yorkshire Post campaign CLICK HERE


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Litter – Hedgehog Traps

KFC supplies the most litter in the picnic area and we have noticed a huge increase in this sort of litter that is a huge danger to all our wildlife especially hedgehogs.

One day maybe a member of staff would walk the 30 yards to the picnic area at the close of play and clear things up………. we’ve been here before and it’s time to work on it again.

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Finger Licking Litter # (lost count)

We left the park this morning after the parkrun and the park was spotless………

Our thanks to Sandalwood Neighbourhood watch for making the effort to pick up the litter and also for recording the disgusting behaviour of some visitors to the park.1 2 3

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