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Are You in this Video?

A Classic bit of film from Years gone by. Are you or anyone you know in it. It would be great to find out the year.

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Old Sandall Park Trail

This could be fun for you and your family. We’ve created a virtual trail around the park using old photos from a bygone era!

All you have to do is download the  FREE! TiCL App to your phone (both Apple and Android work fine). Then go to the park and open the App. You will see the “Old Sandall Park Trail” will be top of the list. Open it and you’ll see a list of old photos with a brief description – just click [DIRECT ME] and an arrow will direct you to the location of the photo – simples! You can even add your own comments and memories.

NOTE: Magnetic catches on your phone cover can/will affect the direction arrow – so it would be wise to take your phone out of its magnetic case to avoid problems.

All technical enquiries direct to TiCL please.

TiCL App

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New Old Park Pics

Our thanks to Louise Fox for sending us these great photo’s of the park from around 1969.

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1969 Meets 2017

Our thanks to Barry Bunting for a couple of intriguing photo’s of Doreen and himself in 1969 on the ‘Peninsular’ (bird feeding area) of the park. In the picture of Barry – it is amazing how well maintained the North Bank is.

But what is the structure at the top in the middle – about where the ice cream van stands nowadays?
Other things we note is the condition of the lake edging and a white swan! Oh! and they even snapped trees off in 1969!

If anyone has any old photo’s of the park we’d love to see them. Email them to us and we’ll post – especially if you have a park story to go with it.

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Park Book – New Print Run….

We have had to do another print run of 100 for the ‘Sandall Park Past and Present’ book and they should be with us soon.

Books can be purchased from us or the Tourist Information Office in town. £6.50 with all proceeds going back into the park.

Book Cover

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Sandall Park Book

Sandall Park – The Book.  A comprehensive account about the trials and tribulations of an urban park.

Written by local historian Symeon Mark Waller the book contains fascinating details of the ‘Sandall’ area long before it became a park and includes brilliant first hand accounts of the park from the beginning right up to the problems from the early 90’s and the birth of the Friends of Sandall Park.

The book can be purchased direct from ourselves, from the Doncaster Tourist Information Office (£6.50) and is even available via Amazon for your Kindle.

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