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BIG Lunch This Sunday……..

Don’t for get the BIG Lunch this Sunday (7th) – organised by the Halifax and in aid of Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice.

TP1030397his is a free to enter event. You can bring your own food an drink and enjoy the attractions….. or just come and enjoy the park. Starts 12 noon.




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Great Numbers on Parkrun

The Sandall Park parkrun goes from strength to strength. Last Saturdays run had 126 complete the course.

ParkrunThis is all great for the park and of course for park visitors with yet another event for the take part in or even to watch and be inspired.

Well done to parkrun and especially the volunteers who make it happen EVERY Saturday morning at 9am – come rain or shine!




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Beer Can Holder Litter Menace

We have another duck on the lake with a plastic beer can holder wrapped around it’s head.

Duck in HellWe’ve had this before and they are devil to catch. So if by chance anyone stumbles across this poor creature please do your best to grab it and remove the offending article. Thankyou.






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Not Smart and Not Good……

Bad news – Good news: It is pretty stupid to smear human excrement on the walls of the gents toilets… just who does this person think is going to clean it off?

We could have locked up and gone home BUT as we finished the disgusting cleaning job we saw about 15 young pram pushing mums using the baby change facilities and toilets as they should be used – great stuff! Phew! A reminder why our volunteers do what they do……

Great support for this item on our Facebook page – thankyou.


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We are NOT the Cafe!

Every month we get dozens of phone calls that should be directed at the cafe. We do not deliver bacon butties or search for your property that may have been left in the cafe.

Cafe (2)Our ‘contact us’ page has the phone number for the cafe so anyone can contact them direct.

We realise there is a Facebook page for the cafe and yes it does give our phone number as theirs – but it’s not correct. There is apparently nothing we can do about the page.





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Nice Fish………

It never ceases to amaze people the size of the fish in the lake (OK we have theory that it’s actually just one fish that keeps surrendering every so often to keep the anglers happy!).

Mick ClarkeWell done to Mick Clarke for this effort (18lb)………… nice fashion statement too by the way!





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