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Perfect Mural – Perfect Place – Perfect day

Yesterday afternoon we had the official opening of the fabulous quiet garden mural. The quiet garden was full of laughter and conversation and it’s maybe the least quiet it has ever been, but it was lovely.
Our very special guests Natasha and Lizzie and who painted the mural were in attendance and Margaret Frost who lived in a cottage in Sandall park as a child joined us too, which was wonderful. Margaret recalls her memories in the Sandall park book by Symeon Mark Waller.
Margaret and Natasha cut the ribbon and then everyone enjoyed the buffet donated by a Friends of Sandall park volunteer.
We left the garden quiet once again to the robins, wrens, goldfinches and blackbirds who had curiously started to appear, looking for any crumbs.
A big thank you to everyone who made yesterday perfect 💚
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Vandals are back!

Someone had nothing better to do than smash our bird feeders and snap off a flowering cherry tree in the #QuietGarden.
The mind boggles as to what pleasure causing criminal damage provides.
Of course it upsets our volunteers, but as always, we’ll make good the damage – which always costs us – and make sure it’s nice again for everyone else to enjoy.
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Storm of 2022 – Tree damage

Yesterdays storm has caused quite a bit of tree damage in the park. Our thanks to everyone who kept us informed as events unfolded.

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Hedgehogs in Distress

We have some sad/bad news to report.

There have been at least 8 dead hedgehogs in the park over the last week or so.
We don’t believe their deaths have been natural, nor do we believe they have been killed by a fox, badger or dog. We will not be posting details of their apparent injuries or other details as it would be too upsetting for people. We just want to make you aware so that if you see a hedgehog in distress you can perhaps report it?
It is nice to know that there are (or were) so many hedgehogs in the park. Lets hope they go into hibernation soon so that some may survive until next year.
(This is not a photo in the park – merely an illustration of how sweet they are).

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Kingfisher on the Lake!

A kingfisher was not only spotted but photographed on the lake yesterday.

Our thanks to the |Angling Club chairman Scott Holland for this great photo. We have had reports of a kingfisher in the park before but never seen a picture….. until now!

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New Trees cut Down by Council.

In 2017 15 healthy and substantial Lime trees were delivered to the old council depot o Barnby Dun Road. They remained there until early 2017 and appeared to have been forgotten.

Early in 2018 FoSP volunteers asked the council what the trees were for and could Sandall park benefit from them if they were not needed. DMBC stated that the trees were destined for a project in Tickhill. The trees remained in the depot throughout 2018.

In February and march 2019 more requests were made to the Council about the trees. Then at the beginning of April 2019 to the horror of our volunteers, they discovered that all 15 of the Lime trees the trees had been sawn off at the base.

The Council claim that the trees would not have survived being planted – we don’t believe them!


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