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The Friends of Sandall Park have been running a 100 Club from the 1st June 2012. All profit made from the draw will be used to improve Sandall Park for its park visitors.

In essence the draw will cost £1 per month for one number – you can of course have more than one number if you wish. You may pay with a one off bank transfer of £12 per number for the year (or less if you join part way through the year), a standing order of £1 per number per month, or even use a PayPal payment.  We can also accept cheques.

Simply complete the printable form a) below and return to us and send your payment (or confirm that you have set up the standing order).  You can return the form by email or post.  Full instructions on how to pay and where to send the information are on the form.

Friends of Sandall Park
Sandalwood Communal hall
Sandalwood Close,

a) CLICK HERE to download the membership request form.

Once you have joined you will be invited to renew each year.

Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

Updated for Draw Period June 2022 – May 2023 (with changes shown in bold).

The ‘Friends of Sandall Park 100 Club’ commenced on 1st June 2012.

The subscription to the ‘Friends of Sandall Park 100 Club’ shall be £12 per year per number, payable in advance as one payment or by annual or monthly standing order

Preferred payment methods are bank transfers or Paypal.  Cheque or cash payments will not be accepted from any members joining from May 2022 onwards.

50% of the monthly payments make up the ‘Prize Fund’, while the remainder goes into Friends of Sandall Park funds.

Members may have multiple subscriptions.

Anybody over the age of 16 can become a member of the ‘Friends of Sandall Park Club’. Membership is not restricted to those associated with ‘Friends of Sandall Park.

The ‘Friends of Sandall Park Club’ shall not be limited to 100 members

There will be 12 draws per year, usually monthly, usually at the Friends of Sandall Park meetings.  Meetings are held in person or virtually. 

A web based random number generator may be used at the discretion of the Administrator.

Any missed draw made at the next opportunity (usually the next Friends of Sandall Park meeting but at another time at the discretion of the chair, vice chair, secretary or treasurer.

Draws will be made in the presence of at least 3 members of Friends of Sandall Park (usually at the meetings but at another time at the discretion of the Administrator).

A member is eligible for inclusion in the draw for any month so long as the subscription for that month has been paid.

Each member is allocated a permanent number in the monthly draw at £1 per number. This number shall remain that member’s number while their subscription is up to date. This number will be allocated by the administrator.

The same number can’t be drawn twice in the same draw.

In any matter requiring adjudication, the decision of the administrator shall be final. The Friends of Sandall Park shall also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their discretion, and will provide reasonable notice to the members where necessary.

The monthly prizes awarded will depend on the number of members in ‘Friends of Sandall Park Club’ as follows:-

1st prize will be 60% of the ‘Prize Fund’

2nd prize will be 30% of the ‘Prize Fund’

3rd prize will be 10% of the ‘Prize Fund’

The administrator will make all reasonable efforts to pay prizes to the winners within 1 week of the draw. This is a voluntary role and this will not always be possible.

Prize payments will be made electronically where possible.  Cheque or cash payment of winnings will not be available to any members joining after May 2022.

Winners names will be displayed on the website after each draw.

A list of all members of the club will be available for inspection as will the winners names and numbers drawn.

The ‘Friends of Sandall Park Club’ is formally registered with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005. L & A 328

Promoter/Administrator Kristen Rawson, 1 Chapel Field, Field Road, Doncaster DN7 5AQ

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