Raising FundsFundraising is the staple diet of FoSP volunteers. With no basic or regular income the group could not exist and with no group the park could not develop.  The FoSP are the main driving force behind all developments in the park – albeit the park is actually owned by the council.

One thing that we can guarantee and that is that EVERY penny raised or donated will go into the development of Sandall Park. The FoSP has no paid staff – in fact it’s members more often than not spend their won money on projects in the park and refuse to be reimbursed!

There are various ways that supporters of the park and park visitors can help with fundraising and none of them are too difficult.

  • Support our events in the park! Yes most of our events are free and many are raising funds for other charities. But we have many that raise funds for the park too with raffles and tombola’s;
  • Join our 100 Club – a monthly draw that gives you the chance to win £30 but makes the group £600 a year!
  • Donate prizes that we can use at raffles and tombola’s;
  • Simply make a donation via ‘MyDonate’;
  • Encourage or suggest to your employer that supporting the Friends of Sandall Park would be a good idea. We are incredibly loyal to our sponsors;
  • Can you or your employer sponsor our group or the park ‘in kind’? We often require skills for projects (big and small) in the park that we have to pay for. Can you help?;
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