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  • Summer in Sandall Park
Santa Dash 2015

The 2015 Doncaster Santa was the biggest so far and easily the largest gathering of Santa's Doncaster has ever seen. Once again our patron Ben Parkinson took part and yet again he was the star of the show. A massive thankyou to all who took part raising lots of money for Doncaster charities.

Santa Dash 2015 #2

The 2015 Doncaster Santa was the biggest so far and easily the largest gathering of Santa's Doncaster has ever seen. Once again our patron Ben Parkinson took part and yet again he was the star of the show. A massive thankyou to all who took part raising lots of money for Doncaster charities.

Fake Festival 2015

Earlier in the month than normal and a dodgy weather forecast did not stop people coming to yet another Fake Festival in the park. Brilliant bands and another full house in the park. Well done Fake Festivals - again!

Grand St Leger Festival Concert - Sept 2013

Grand St Leger Festival Concert - Sandall Park The pictures say it all! Apart from one little shower it all went to plan. A great concert by all and what fantastic support by all our visitors to the concert - well done and thank you for being so supportive and generous. The event was funded by Groundwork UK.

Music in the Park 2014

Weather superb (for once) and what a day it proved to be. Three incredible bands - The Doncaster Concert Band, EKS Big Band and The Doncaster Senior Brass Group. Our thanks to everyone who supported the event and the very king comments made to all our volunteers.

Hook a Duck and Egg Hunt 2015

The weather gods were on our side for this one! Gales on the days before and rain the day after - but superb weather for the event! Another huge turnout for both events. A massive thankyou to everyone who supported both events and well done to the two new Hook a Duck Champions.

Santa Dash 2014

Another fabulous fundraising day day in the park with almost 500 Santa's and reindeers completing the one mile circuit. Rain started the day, gales came in the middle and the event was completed with bright sunshine - park life! Congratulations and thankyou to everyone who supported or took park in Doncaster's biggest ever gathering of Santa's.

Fake Festival 2014

Back to the red hot weather we expect of Fake Festivals in the park after a couple of years of 'average' weather. Great bands and great people - Fake Festivals never fails to deliver what we want in the park.

Hook A Duck 2014

What a day that was! We ran out of eggs..... we ran out of questionnaires for the Egg Hunt.... but thankfully no one ran out of patience! A Great day and a massive thankyou to everyone for supporting the event - especially our main event event sponsors - Ready Steady Store.

Santa Dash 2013

Another great day for the Santa Dash and raising thousands of pounds for other charities as well. Even a bride got in on the act - married Friday and the Dash on the Sunday! Our thanks yet again to all our sponsors who made this event possible.

Proms in the Park 2013

The Proms in the Park 2013 was at last blessed with superb weather! A superb performance from the Doncaster Concert Band and incredible support from the audience. Well done to everyone involved...............

Fake Festival 2013

A bit colder for 2013 but still an incredible day. Superb bands throughout and a fantastic turnout yet again in Sandall Park. Well done everyone - this is what public spaces are meant for...........

Hook a Duck 2013 Gallery

The day was bright but certainly breezy and oh soooo cold! Which made the brilliant turnout even more impressive. A change in format of the egg hunt tested the brains of everyone - and the parents thought the day was for kids! A massive thankyou to EVERYONE who supported the event, our event sponsors Ready Steady Store and Council Safer Neighbourhood Team - and of course our volunteers.

Scottish Widows 2013

We could do with more days like this! The Scottish Widows team turned up to make a difference and what a difference they made! Benches painted, picnic benches painted, information boards painted and tree\'s cropped! To add to the day Sainsbury\'s Homebase provided the tools and materials and JJ\'s Cafe did an incredible buffet for all........ we\'re proud of you all - thank you!

Santa Dash 2012

Hook a Duck April 2012

Thursday 5th April 2012 - Egg Hunt and Hook a Duck day and for once an event raising funds for the park itself is blessed with superb weather. More people actually entered than last year (which is a good sign). The event was sponsored by our good friends Ready Steady Store and the Hook a Duck Championships were monitored and refereed by the Safer Neighbourhood Team - a briliant team effort. Out thanks as well to the volunteers who made the day the success it was.

Snow February 2012

Snow in the park is always an exciting time and February 2012 was no different. Families had a great time and the park looked its natural fantastic self. Nature has a way of adding something to the park that the council or the Friends of sandall Park can never provide.

Santa Dash 2011

Against all the odds with heavy rain forecast the 2011 Santa Dash went ahead with a record 250 entries. A brilliant atmosphere saw our sponsors for the event rewarded. Our thanks to everyone who took part, our own volunteers who made it happen and the events main sponors Ready Steady Store for their support. We hope the Aurora Centre made thousands on the day!

Care to Run 2011

September 11th 2011 saw yet another fantastic Care to Run event for the Aurora Centre. Almost 250 entrants enjoyed a superb and emotional run/jog/walk round the park. The event has raised thousands of pounds for this great local charity. Great practice for what is proving the years most popular event - the Santa Dash on December 11th.

Brass Band Bash July 2011

Can you imagine a brass band playing for 12 hours solid? No we couldn't either but we saw it with our own eyes in the park when on the 10th July 2011 the Hatfield Brass Band did just that. An amazing sponsored performance to raise funds for the band. Well done to everyone.

Fake Fest 2011

Sandall Park's 3rd Fake Festival and another brilliant success. Great organisation, superb weather (again) brilliant atmosphere.... bring on 2012!

Hook a Duck 2011

The first World Hook a Duck Champioships took place in Sandall Park, Doncaster on 21st April 2011 and what an event it turned out to be! Together with an Easter egg hunt the park was just about packed to capacity and extra chocolate eggs had to be purchsed..... 500 of them! The egg hunt was free and a nominal charge for the Hook a Duck raised £200 for the Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust Scanner Appeal. Our thanks go to all who attended and donated their time and money for such a great cause. The event was sponsored by the local Ready Steady Store. Well done everyone - see you at the 2012 Championships.

Santa Dash 2010

The 2010 Santa Dash finally took place a week late following the cancellation due to snow and ice. The event day was even colder than the original date but the compacted snow absent. Our thanks to everyone who tuned out in temperatures of -8c. You are all heroes!

Care to Run 2010

The Aurora 5km Care to Run is now regular feature on the Sandall Park calendar and our thanks go to the main sponsors Ready Steady Store, Nuffield Health and Powerfuel as well as everyone who supported the event.

Music in the Park 2010

FoSP were really dissapointed that we had to cancel the Proms in the Park event in June due to rain. However this September event on behalf of the Doncaster Concert Band did soften the blow...... and blow it did! The rain did stay away and the wind actually dropped as the day went on. About 250 visitors made it to the concert and all were rewarded by a great performance. Our thanks to those that supported the event, the Doncaster Concert Band and our event sponsors - Ready Steady Store and Groundwork UK.

Fakefest Gallery 2010

Fakefest 2010 exceeded even the 2009 event (we never thought it could!). A full house will make sure 2011 will see everyone buying their tickets well in advance. Red hot weather and superb bands combined with great fans to create an incredible part atmosphere - best described a cross between Glastonbury and a garden party!!

Santa Dash 2009

Doncaster's first Santa Dash went ahead and what a day it was raising thousands of pounds for the Aurora Centre. 400 Santa's and his little helpers completed the 1 mile circuit of the lake to receive a well deserved medal. Our thanks to everyone who took part and raised loads of money. The date for the 2010 event has already been set - see the events page for details.

Care to Run 2009

The second Aurora 5km Care to Run took place on Sunday 6th September 2009. It was a fantastic day and the park looked at its best. In total 30 FOSP volunteers turned out to help steward the event. The winner completed the course in just over 19 minutes! Carolyn Hodgson (YTV) was the guest of honour but Pavaroti, Mr Bean and Cliff Richard managed to put in an appearance! Our thanks to our group photographer Derrick Bewell who managed to capture the emotion of the day nicely.

Fakefest 2009

Sandall Park Rockfest 2009 took place on Saturday 23rd May. Doncaster's first Rockfest was a major success with five local bands and three major tribute bands playing to a massive crowd including Antartic Monkeys, New 2 and Colplace. Bring on 2010! The event organised by 'Fake Festivals' included many surprise guests as you will see from the pictures.

Care to Run - 7th September 2008

Care to Run was the first event of this kind for the Aurora Centre. A 5k Walk/Run attracted 600 participants to the park. The preparation was dogged by bad weather and the park was severely flooded on the day of the event. However, after major changes to the course the event went ahead and more than £15,000 was raised. See the 'events' page for details of the 2009 event.

Music in the Park - June 2007

This was the second 'Music in the Park' event and featured the Doncaster concert orchestra. Blessed with fine weather on the last nice day before the floods came, 1100 visitors came to the free event. The 2008 event was cancelled due to lack of funding. Just as well really as the two provisional dates turned out to be a washout!

Cheadle Runner Ducks - Summer 2008

We already had three Indian Runner Ducks and their appearence on this web site led to a childrens nursery in Cheadle (Manchester) contacting us as their own Runner Duck chicks had grown up. So, three ducks were brought over from Cheadle and we had to teach them to swim! Great ducks and they are all doing very well. You can search the site for 'Runner Ducks' to see more details of the Runner Ducks in the park.

Health Walk - 11th January 2009

11th January 2009 saw 98 people turn up for the first DMBC Health Walk of the year. A lap of the park was led by FOSP members who gave a potted history of the park while walking. Thanks to Shaun Flannery for the official photographs of the day.

Make a Difference Week 2007

The autumn clean up of the park was unfortunately marred by vandals who destroyed £500 worth of plants - even so, the volunteers and members of the Safer Neighbourhood Team certainly made a difference to the park.

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