Hall of Shame

Sandall Park has been the location of many attacks of mindless vandalism, theft and damage particularly over the last year. We have managed to catch and process six offenders. FOSP and our partner agencies will vigorously trace offenders who commit offences and behave in an anti-social manner within the park. Any information on offenders or incidents can be sent, in confidence to:

     Or telephone Crimestoppers   on 0800 555 111

Latest Incident:

Over the weekend of 13/14th September 2008

They’ve been at it again. The weekend has been a bad one for the park with the return of the plant thieves. Sounds trivial but taken to its natural conclusion the park would be totally devoid of plants of any worth.

Between Friday and Monday a large pampas grass has been stolen from the start of the fitness trail (they tried to steal the other one but failed to pull it out so we expect that to be next) a rose bush was stolen from beneath the lakeside notice board and amazingly they actually pulled a very large water lily from the bog pond.

The pampas grass will now be sitting in the garden of the low life that stole it, not too far away from Sandall Park and surely there has got to be a decent neighbour who has suddenly noticed the appearance of such a big plant. No pun intended but please grass ‘em up. All we need is a name or address and we will do the rest.

The pampas grass below is the one that was left - at the same location but much smaller.



Evening of Monday 8th September 2008

No commentary needed - sort of makes you shake your head disbelief!


Thursday 4th September 2008

Just a couple of days to go until our major event - the Care to Run sponsored run in the park and motorcycles on the park have caused major damage to the Old Golf Course area - right where the run will go. Especially annoying after we had prepared the ground until difficult wet conditions for the event.

The good news is that within 24 hours the safer neighbourhood team have seized the motorcycle that we believe caused the damage. A good result at least at a time when the pressure had been on to prepare the park for over 1,000 visitors in very difficult weather conditions.



Found Monday 30th June 2008

We’ve actually done quite well recently, the last damage caused to the new park benches and picnic benches was caused on 16th December last year. It stopped because we caught and prosecuted several offenders. Sadly we are back to the bad old days. In the last week five benches have been attacked - one with particularly offensive graffiti.

If you have wondered why the metal benches appear graffiti/damage free it is because when damage is caused the Friends of Sandall Park attend and repair the damage as soon as possible. We try and do ‘our bit’ for the park.

We now need your help to catch the ‘new breed’ of vandals in the park. If you see anyone committing damage - if appropriate, challenge them (we do and will continue to). Failing that make a note of the description or better still take a photo with your camera or phone. Report the incident - you can report it us on this web site or tel: 0750 332 9309.

Unless we stop them this park will be a wreck in 6 months!



Also found Monday 30th June 2008

"Let's injure the children" - that’s what some low life must have thought when he/she dug up the safety matting in the childrens play area over the weekend just gone (28/29th June). Large chunks of the expensive matting were ripped up and thrown arround.

If you are a parent and your children use the play area, they are at risk from these vandals. There is also a fair chance that some of the parents who use the play area will suspect who has done this. Let us know. Ring the authorities or let us know on 0750 332 9309 or sandallpark@googlemail.com or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and you may get a reward.



Wednesday 19th June 2008

There are just some things in life that make your blood boil and some things that happen in the park are just the same. I know that worse things happen in the world but I defy any right thinking park visitor (or any normal person) not to get angry by the fact that some low life is systematically stealing and destroying our bird boxes in the park.

Not content with their previously heroic efforts of smashing the bird boxes on the old golf course or setting fire to the copse of trees because they could not reach the boxes - this time they actually brought ladders to reach the boxes 25′ up the trees. Some were stolen and some were destroyed as you can see from the picture.

I suppose in this day and age we are supposed to forgive and forget - not likely. I hope that these people get exactly what they deserve in life. There I feel better already - my therapist said it would!



Discovered Monday 16th June 2008

Dear Joel, Leanne and Alex,

The Friends of Sandall Park are really pleased that you have visited the park and we presume you enjoyed it. In fact you probably enjoyed it so much you felt it required a permanent reminder. Thank you for carving your names in the new picnic benches. I say this because we now know your names and we have some nice photographs of the damage caused - and so do the police.

Last year we caught and prosecuted six offenders who caused damage and stole from the park. We look forward to meeting you soon. The next knock on your door could be the police.

Yours most sincerely,

P.s. How about if you stop damaging our park and we will stop looking for you!


Sunday 11th May 2008

If you went down to the park today you would certainly have had a surprise. Litter in abundance and a nice cosy fire to keep you warm on the old golf course!

On the hottest day of the year so far next to the children’s playground the litter louts excelled with dozens of beer cans and other debris spread over a wide area. Yes the bins were full but there is no excuse for what you can see in the picture below.

The matter of the fire was again in the old golf course area where fallen trees had been set fire to. This area was being developed into a wild life haven and many wild plants had been planted there. The Fire Brigade again attended and extinguished the fire.



Monday 5th May 2008 (Bank Holiday)

As the light evenings and better weather are upon us, anti-social behaviour associated with drinking is again damaging the park. This latest incident on the old golf course area of the park is typical.

Last year we put up 40 (forty) bird boxes in the park with many in the quiet old golf course area. This Bank Holiday weekend has seen one copse on the park set fire to and a systematic attempt to destroy the bird boxes carried out. Sad or what? At the same location - in amongst the debris of the bird boxes were many lager cans and broken drinks bottles. We cannot sustain this type of damage nor should we.



Thursday 24th April 2008 13.30:

If anyone wanted proof as to why litter should not be dropped in the park - this is it. We have been warning for months about the dangers caused when people throw their plastic bread wrappers in the lake. Some irresponsible visitor to the park has thrown a 'four pack' plastic ring into the lake and this poor duck has got it caught round his neck and into his mouth. He cannot eat properly and as you read this he is probably dead. Well done that person. Also well done to the man that let his dogs off the lead and scared the ducks back into the lake when FOSP members and members of the public were trying to save the duck. (See litter news items)


Wednesday 23rd April 2008 12.30:

Fairly minor in the greater scheme of things but worth a reminder on the run up to the litter pick this Saturday. The papers on the table are a youngsters efforts at drawing with crayon. I take it that the parent will not be attending our litter pick this weekend. I supposed they enjoyed the facilities though! Of course it could be innocent - just to give us something to do on Saturday. Yeah right!


Thursday 10th April 2008 1pm:

Dozens and dozens of daffodils pulled up and scattered over the steps leading from the lake to the rear of the football pitch at the top of the hill. Someone said "It looks like there's been a wedding". Some may think this is only minor stuff but these flowers would have lasted a long time yet and given pleasure to many and this act has now detracted from the attractiveness of the park. To the culprits - if did not realise it was wrong to do it (or let your children do it)............. well you do now!



Discovered Wednesday 26th March 2008

40 Mtr stretch of hedging destroyed by fire. Again near to the bog pond (our worst area for damage). Stretch alongside the footpath next to the 'long side' of the pond near to playing field.


Reported Saturday 15th March 2008

Five large shrubs stolen from the newly planted area at the start of the fitness trails. Valued at £75, these plants were funded as part of the NatureTrail/Outdoor classroom project by Veolia Environmental Trust. For more details Click here to go to the News page.



17.45 hrs Tuesday 4th March 2008

A hedge between the 'Bog Pond' and the Council Depot was set fire to. 25 Mtrs of hedging was destroyed.



Second week in February 2008

For the third time in the last year ALL the shrubs have been stolen from the new flower bed near the 'Bog Pond'. For more details Click here  to go to the News page.




ALL offences of vandalism, damage and graffiti in the park over the last year have now been detected and five youths dealt with by the police and one youth is subject of an ASBO.


      Offenders detained                         Offender Detained


Litter is still a major problem               Offender Detained









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