Litter Picking

Litter and boxes 003We don’t normally have litter picking days but we do pick litter all the time!

Even if you don’t want to become a formal member of the Friends of Sandall Park you can still be a ‘friend’ of the park. When you visit the park just bring a plastic bag and as you walk round and see any litter just pick it up and bin the bag.

Sadly a minority of park visitors leave or drop litter – but there are far more good park visitors than irresponsible ones. If we all manage to keep the park looking tidy and litter free the bad guys are less likely to drop litter.

Litter is not just unsightly, it is dangerous to wildlife and pets in the park.

Remember the good park visitors outnumber the bad ones and weBeer can duck know through the comments and support on Facebook threads that our support anti litter campaigns is 100% (OK who is going to admit to supporting dropping litter – but you get the picture).

One of our (sadly) local pictures has become a ‘best seller’. The duck had a beer can plastic can holder stuck around it’s neck. Various anti-litter groups around the country have used this picture to highlight the litter problem. This is a picture we are not proud of! But that’s park life……. (after days of effort by members of the public and FoSP the plastic was removed from this duck).



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