Mindfulness in the park

Sandall Park is the perfect place to Pause and Reconnect: to allow your mind to be calm for a short while. The Quiet Garden provides a perfect place to start your Mindfulness Exercise and to finish feeling relaxed and ready for the day.

Give it a go – it’s not easy trying to rid your mind of all that jumble of thoughts, but well worth the effort. It may even take several attempts before you manage to succeed, but don’t give up if it doesn’t happen straight away. It will be worth it.

Dr Rupert Suckling has this to say:
I’m really pleased to support Mindfulness Walking here in Sandall Park. With all the stresses and strains of today what better way to relax, reset and refocus.

We know walking is good for our physical health but it’s great for our mental health too. Being outside in nature is good for us too, seeing trees and hearing water all helps us relax.

So it’s great that we can combine the two, walking and being mindful of our surroundings. And even better that we can do that here in Sandall Park.

So, let your feet do the walking and your mind do the wandering…

Dr Rupert Suckling 
Director of Public Health

Public Health
Doncaster Council

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