Sandall Park Trails

We have several trails in the park including FREE! digital Trails for trees, ‘Stick Men’ and the Old Sandall park.

Given the increased interest in the health and fitness facilities in the park – now would be a good time for a reminder of the facilities available to everyone.

CLICK HERE to visit our fitness and health page with details of what you can do in the park to keep fit and healthy.




CLICK HERE to download an information leaflet on the TiCLsticks Tree people and phone App..



If you haven’t tried our tree trail yet – you should. It’s free and it’s a great way to have a look around the park.

You can have a look at the tree trail on-line by CLICKING HERE.

You can download the free App and track the tree’s around the park.




This could be fun for you and your family. We’ve created a virtual trail around the park using old photo’s from a bygone era!

All you have to do is download the TiCL App to your phone (both Apple and Android work fine). Then go to the park and open the App. You will see the “Old Sandall Park Trail” will be top of the list. Open it and you’ll see a list of old photo’s with a brief description – just click [DIRECT ME] and an arrow will direct you to the location of the photo – simples! You can even add your own comments and memories.

Great fun and it’s FREE! We’re just testing the concept on the old park trail but have plans to create a Tree Trail, Geo Caching, Treasure Hunts and much more. Try it and let us know what you think.

NOTE: Magnetic catches on your phone cover can/will affect the direction arrow – so it would be wise to take your phone out of its magnetic case to avoid problems.

All technical enquiries direct to TiCL please.

TiCL App




The Sensory Trail has been created to provide an inclusive and sustainable outdoor experience for children and families and has been designed to enable the less able and disabled to participate. All the information boards have been composed in such a way so as to be easy to  for the visually impaired to read and with the intention that they will educate visitors about wildlife – birds, animals, plants and trees – in the park, and about nature in general.

Using recycled logs to grow alpine plants on with herbs and sensory plants planted around the logs, herbs have also been planted  in  a raised herb garden. This is to encourage people to touch the plants and smell the aromas they give off. Several logs with carved features such as animal footprints, leaves, bird and duck footprints for children to touch and use for rubbings have been installed. Although not intended for use as benches as they are not of a smooth surface, they have provided a convenient resting place for walkers.

We hope it will encourage children and families to explore their surroundings and venture into the woodland area where they previously would not  have walked, and experience nature first hand.

Click here for a printable version and a map of the trail. 

This is a project supported through the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund programme and administered by the Community Development Foundation for the Office for Civil Society, and we are grateful to the Wheatley Area Community Partnership for recommending us for the grant.

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